Introducing "Sharing Nature" WorkshopsExperience Nature like never beforeBond With Nature

Introducing "Sharing Nature" Workshops

For the first time in India. From world's most acclaimed nature education experts.

Experience Nature like never before

In actual forests. Designed to create uplifting experiences in Nature.

Bond With Nature

And each other. Discover the joy of oneness.

For Educators

Learn how Sharing Nature training serves educators and discover the school that is almost perfect.

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For Parents

Learn how can we help children keep away from the lure of technology and experience Nature in meaningful ways. 

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For Leaders

Learn how Sharing Nature removes barriers between colleagues and how it is differs from other outdoor activities.

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For Everyone

Learn why humans have an innate love of Nature and how Sharing Nature training brings it to surface. 

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Sharing Nature celebrates the connection between humans and Nature. Our activities combine Nature’s splendour with immersive play to give you an emotionally uplifting and unforgettable experience.

Millions around the world have used Sharing Nature’s award-winning activities to experience unity with Nature. This distinctly unique outdoor experience can now be availed in India. Join us for our first Sharing Nature workshop and re-discover joy, meaning, and a new relationship with Nature.

Joseph Bharat Cornell

Joseph Bharat Cornell is the founder of Sharing Nature Worldwide based in U.S., and renowned author of Sharing Nature book series. His books have sparked a worldwide revolution in Nature awareness as they pioneered a unique way of relating with Nature through experiential games and activities. His first book, Sharing Nature With Children, has been selected as one of the 15 most influential books, published from 1890 to today, that has connected children to Nature.

Learn more about Joseph Bharat Cornell on Sharing Nature U.S. website

Books by Joseph Cornell

Key Takeaways

  • Find yourself rejuvenated and inspired

  • Learn to nurture your right brain

  • Discover feelings you didn’t know exist in you

  • Enhance learning, make it fun, experiential and memorable

  • Have fun, touch your inner child through play

  • Discover a completely new way of relating with Nature

  • Improve relationship with your child or loved one


“This was the most practical (and certainly the most enjoyable) in-service course that I’ve ever attended – maximum participation, maximum communication and maximum usefulness –congratulations. My only regret was that it was too short.”

“From the profound effect of the workshop on me, I know that if I can touch people this deeply, I can make a huge difference in this world.”

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