Introducing "Sharing Nature" ExperienceExperience Nature like never beforeBond With Nature

Introducing "Sharing Nature" Experience

For the first time in India. From world's most acclaimed Nature education experts.

Experience Nature like never before

Play based activities designed to create uplifting Nature experiences.

Bond With Nature

And each other. Discover the joy of oneness.

Sharing Nature celebrates our innate connection with Nature – the subconscious desire we all have to affiliate with Nature. Answer this deeply felt need through our workshop as we combine Nature’s splendour and immersive play to give you an emotionally uplifting and an unforgettable feeling of oneness with Nature.

Millions around the world have used Sharing Nature’s award-winning activities to feel one with Nature. This distinctly unique outdoor experience is now in India. Join us for our first Sharing Nature workshops and re-discover joy, meaning, and a new relationship with Nature.

Joseph Bharat Cornell

Joseph Bharat Cornell, founder and president of Sharing Nature Worldwide (U.S.) is the renowned author of Sharing Nature book series. His books have sparked a worldwide revolution in Nature awareness as they pioneered a unique way of relating with Nature through experiential games and activities. His first book, Sharing Nature With Children, has been selected as one of the 15 most influential books, published from 1890 to today, that has connected children to Nature.
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Sharing Nature Experience

Key takeaways from our workshops

Personal Renewal

Activities that uplift and revitalise
  • Rejuvenating and inspiring wellness experiences
  • Forest therapy involving kinaesthetics, guided imagery, deep listening, immersion, self-expansion, love, stillness, music, and creative expression
  • Discover feelings you didn’t know exist
  • Touch your inner child through deep play
  • Learn to nurture right brain

Innovative Learning

Enhance learning creatively
  • Learn to guide children, students, clients, or loved ones to connect with Nature
  • Find out how to use Flow Learning method to teach any subject experientially
  • Make learning fun, experiential, and memorable
  • Improve relationship with your child or loved one
  • Utilise multiple intelligences while teaching

Nature Connection

A sense of stewardship and love for Nature
  • Discover the meaning of becoming one with Nature, kinaesthetically as well as spiritually
  • Experience personally the role of various components of an ecosystem
  • Feel in yourself many of the noble qualities of trees
  • Strengthen a sense of stewardship and care for Nature


“I have been incorporating Sharing Nature games in my EFL training programs with incredible success & joy! Participants of my training programs leave with everlasting experience of calmness & centeredness that they feel & share. I strongly recommend for everyone to go through the experience of learning through deep connection with Sharing Nature games by Bharat Cornell!”

– Gayatri Nambiar, Pune

“From the profound effect of the workshop on me, I know that if I can touch people this deeply, I can make a huge difference in this world.”

– Participant

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Sharing Nature Experience
Two-day Workshops in Chail, H.P