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Renew yourself by connecting to Nature in highly effective ways with one of the planet’s most widely respected and beloved Nature immersion experience, used by millions of people since 1979. The award-winning Sharing Nature® books and workshops have inspired countless individuals and organizations to deepen their relationship with Nature and care for the earth.

Our creative and fun activities will be conducted in pristine cedar forest of Chail Sanctuary in Himachal Pradesh. They will immerse you into Nature bringing you into attunement with it and renewing your spirit. In addition, you will gain the skills and the confidence to guide others to experience the same connection for their own renewal or to serve as a tool for a highly engaged learning experience.

Venue and Dates

The workshops will be played out in the mountain forest of Chail Sanctuary. Spread over 101 – an area as large as Chandigarh city, Chail Sanctuary is made up of dense forests of Pine, Oak and Deodar trees. Participants will leave the resort each morning around 10 AM to go inside the sanctuary area where they will spend the day in play. Lunch and refreshments will be served in the forest itself while breakfast and dinner will be at the resort.

Two workshop slots of two-day each are available:

First Workshop:
15-16 Nov, 2019 (check-in on 14th @ 4 PM)

Second Workshop:
17-18 Nov, 2019 (check-in on 16th @ 4 PM)

See dates on calendar.

Note: You need to arrive on the evening prior to first day of workshop. You would leave on the evening of second day of workshop (third day from arrival). Travel notes can be found below.


Participants will be staying at Treehouse Chail Villas resort during the workshop. Perched high up in Chail, Treehouse Chail Villas offers breathtaking panoramic views of the majestic valleys with clear views of Shimla. Click or swipe image below to view more photos of the resort.


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What to Expect

Over the course of the two days you will take part in 20-25 activities inside the forest. In order to truly understand the benefits of the Sharing Nature Experience you need to undergo it yourself. As all experiences go, they cannot always be summed up in words. Still, here is a brief glimpse into what to expect.

    • Personal Renewal: Our innovative play based activities will gently guide you to uplifting Nature experiences

    • Learning Innovation: Find out how to guide others to the same uplifting experiences and master a learning framework that makes teaching / training joyful

    • Nature Connection: Deepen your relationship with Nature by feeling inside yourself what it means to be a tree or a forest

Personal Renewal

Activities that uplift and revitalise
  • Rejuvenating and inspiring wellness experiences
  • Forest therapy involving kinaesthetics, guided imagery, deep listening, immersion, self-expansion, love, stillness, music, and creative expression
  • Discover feelings you didn’t know exist
  • Touch your inner child through deep play
  • Learn to nurture right brain

Innovative Learning

Enhance learning creatively
  • Learn to guide children, students, clients, or loved ones to connect with Nature
  • Find out how to use Flow Learning method to teach any subject experientially
  • Make learning fun, experiential, and memorable
  • Improve relationship with your child or loved one
  • Utilise multiple intelligences while teaching

Nature Connection

A sense of stewardship and love for Nature
  • Discover the meaning of becoming one with Nature, kinaesthetically as well as spiritually
  • Experience personally the role of various components of an ecosystem
  • Feel in yourself many of the noble qualities of trees
  • Strengthen a sense of stewardship and care for Nature


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Unique Training Model

Our multidimensional approach to training penetrates deeper into one’s being than traditional teaching methods. Through Flow Learning™, you will be swept up into increasingly joyful learning experiences. You will not passively observe the environment with just the intellect; with play, your whole being will become involved. Because our activities utilize all of the faculties of perception and knowing, you will come alive, and Nature will come alive for you.

“Nature must be experienced through feeling,” said legendary naturalist Alexander von Humboldt. It is through the heart that we understand new and profound truths. If one’s experience is mainly of the intellect, one’s viewpoint on the subject tends to be materialistic. By activating the body, mind, and spirit, we develop a greater understanding of our relationship with the natural world. “I feel like I’m discovering a new continent!”, exclaimed a recent workshop participant in China.

The variety of learning modes in the workshop will enhance your imagination, intuition, reason, empathy, and love, as well as your kinaesthetic and sensory awareness, and thus enrich appreciation and understanding of Nature. Sharing Nature Experience activates multiple centres of perception and cognition; it will stimulate different parts of the brain and strengthen the neural connections between brain regions, thereby enhancing understanding, long-term memory, and creativity.

“No one is more effective than Joseph Cornell in connecting people of all ages with the profound peace, joy, and exhilaration available to us through direct experiences in nature.”

–Cheryl Charles, PhD, co-founder, Children & Nature Network

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Elements of Training

Nature Activities

Sharing Nature activities offer people fresh and transformative experiences of the natural world. Our creative Nature games will engage your whole being by activating multiple centres of perception and cognition.

Flow Learning™

Our Flow Learning teaching system allows you to structure your classes for maximum effect. You can meet people where they are in interest and energy level, and then guide them step-by-step toward more meaningful engagement of the topic.

Deep Nature Play Principles

How does deep play differ from regular play? In Deep play there is a greater absorption with the object of play and our whole experience becomes supercharged. The principles of deep nature play are for those who want to share their subject matter with greater impact and inspiration.

Journey to the Heart of Nature Stewardship Program

Journey to the Heart of Nature immerses us in a particular natural spot, to listen to the land and enter fully into the lives of its inhabitants. Learning to love Nature in one place will encourage a love for all of Nature.

The Sky and Earth Touched Me Wellness Experience

Our wellness exercises provide a restorative cure for the many ailments that arise from spending little time outdoors. You will learn how to internalize your experience of Nature and feel a greater sense of peace and connection.

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Expert Instructor

The workshops will be conducted by Greg Traymar, International Director of Sharing Nature Worldwide (U.S.). Greg has conducted these workshops for thousands of people around the world. He has been personally trained by Joseph Cornell to head Sharing Nature Worldwide (U.S) and to share these principles. He is a gifted and inspiring teacher and wins friends wherever he travels. So far Greg has led the Sharing Nature workshops in many parts of the United States, as well as Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, South Korea, Sweden and Thailand. He has studied environmental education and outdoor leadership at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina where he graduated with the prestigious Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award, a national honour presented to those who distinguish themselves in service to others. Learn more about Greg Traymar here and see his video message.

Sharing Nature Heritage

The training programme that is being offered for the first time in India comes with a legacy that is four decades old. The same programme has been conducted countless number of times over the years in over forty countries across six continents. It has been refined, updated and tweaked over the years with advancements in play theory and through learning gained from the rich experiences of conducting them.

Designed by Joseph Cornell

All activities in the workshop, the order in which they are to be conducted, workshop instructions, as well as the workshop schedule have been designed by Joseph Cornell, the renowned author of Sharing Nature book series, inventor of Flow Learning, and founder of Sharing Nature Worldwide (U.S). Joseph Cornell has also kindly agreed to offer a direct address to the participants of the workshops through a pre-recorded video.

Workshop Fee

Rs.23,700 per participant

Limited seats only | Group discount available


Apart from the training, the fee includes:

  • Private room at Treehouse Chail Villas resort on double occupancy (shared basis).

  • All meals during the period of stay. Meals will be vegetarian.

  • Handouts, certificate, and giveaways.

  • Transport from hotel to the site of outdoor activities.

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