Select videos on Sharing Nature, the role of Nature in education, and some exemplary examples of personal relationship with Nature.

Sharing Nature

Promotional Video for Upcoming Workshops (1 min)

Joseph Cornell on his new book – Deep Nature Play (2 min)

Joseph Cornell on what makes play relevant for adults (3 min)

Joseph Cornell explains how play activates the whole person (7 min)

Nature and Education

Trailer of American documentary on the Scandinavian method of teaching (3 min)

Australian media feature on Denmark’s forest kindergartens (11 min)

TEDx talk by Nilda Cosco, founder of Natural Learning Initiative (15 min)

A deep relation with Nature

Kimi Werner gave up a sports career for her childhood love of spearfishing (27 min)

A family of five lived in the Yukon Wilderness without electricity for nine months (7 min)

David Bamberger sold his 1600 outlet restaurant chain to restore degraded land (8 min)



Sharing Nature Experience
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