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Learn about the intended audience of Sharing Nature workshops.

Sharing Nature activities may be highly useful for certain professions but they are based on the universal principle of finding joy in the contemplation of Nature, therefore are universal by nature.  The games and activities are not tailored for a certain profession or a given demographic. Their long term success worldwide and widespread popularity across people of diverse professions, backgrounds and ages attests to this.  

Sharing Nature is For Everyone

You do not have to be an educator, parent of young children, a corporate executive, someone spiritual, caretaker of a recovering patient, a seeker of meaning in life, a therapist, a nature lover, a healer, an environmentalist, or someone involved in eco-tourism. The workshop will be beneficial to all of those, but not just. It is meant for all adults.

Learn how Sharing Nature serves everyone.

Sharing Nature is For Leaders

The modern office environment – with its absence of natural lighting, lack of clean air, artificial climate control, and technology proliferation – epitomises our separation from Nature. It is hardly surprising therefore that work relationships are often stress prone. Sharing Nature training allows leaders and managers to overcome differences and see each other anew.

Learn how Sharing Nature serves leaders.

Sharing Nature is For Parents

A key challenge in parenting today is the onslaught of technology. As technological devices proliferate, the virtual world they enable – social media, gaming, and violent content – leads children away from the living world. Parents who wish to re-connect children with Nature must first renew their own connection.

Learn how Sharing Nature serves parents.

Sharing Nature is For Educators

What are the three pillars of Sharing Nature training that are entirely absent from our education? How does Sharing Nature help teacher as an individual and as teacher? How about a school located deep inside a forest where students learn from each other? Read about it all in our educators section.

Learn how Sharing Nature serves educators.


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