The Workshops

Learn about Sharing Nature training and the upcoming events in India.

Sharing Nature training is a two-day workshop that will be held in real forests. Forthcoming workshops will be conducted by International Director, Sharing Nature (U.S.) Greg Traymar. Sign up below to be notified of event announcements. 

Our workshops use the latest research on play theory and nature’s healing benefits to provide a restorative cure to many of the ailments that arise from spending little time outdoors.

Play is an essential component in the training. Focused play immerses participants in the natural world and creates a dynamic atmosphere for learning new ideas and embracing new experiences. Through innovative games, learning becomes multifaceted and enriches ones whole being.

Our proven methods stimulate the mind and touch the heart. In the workshop you will learn:

  • How to make learning fun, experiential, and memorable

  • Prize-winning activities that make ecological concepts and attitudes come alive

  • Methods that encourage deeper learning

  • Flow Learning—our outdoor teaching strategy—that gently, almost magically, guides others to uplifting nature experiences

  • Nature wellness exercises for personal rejuvenation and inspiration

Learn More

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Flow Learning: A revolutionary teaching method that enhances learning
Compare: How do our activities differ from traditional outdoor programmes
Videos: Videos on Sharing Nature, education, and examples of nature connection
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About Greg Traymar

Greg Traymar is International Director of Sharing Nature Worldwide (U.S.). He is trained in environmental education. He recounts the following episode from his early years of teaching experience on the challenges he faced at the time. The students had trouble focusing their attention. “Nature study” just wasn’t very interesting. There were more fun things to do, than listen to the teacher drone on about plants and animals. But when Greg began using the Sharing Nature and Flow Learning™ methods, the transformation was immediate and powerful. Not only were the children keenly interested and enthusiastically engaged – they actually begged for more nature time! Flow Learning™ exceeded Greg’s hopes and expectations, because it gave children their own, inner experiences of nature and awakened a love for the natural world in their hearts. Learn more about Greg Traymar here.